The Sinthology is on Amazon


Flash Me! The Sinthology, the latest anthology project from Solarcide, is available in paperback right now via Amazon. They got it up a few days faster than estimated, which is very cool.

Amazon US link.

Amazon UK link.

This is a collection featuring twenty-six wicked and decadent flash and micro-fiction pieces from twenty-six wonderful authors.

The book is edited by Solarcide’s own Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, and guest curated by Chester Pane. Featuring work by Rebecca Jones-Howe, Bryan Howie, Alex S. Johnson, Shannon Barber, Jason Wayne Allen, Terasa Skultety, and many more. The full table of contents can be see here.

We’re very excited to see this release come through. We worked hard on it. It is great to finally see it unleashed upon the world in all its dastardly glory.

We’d love it if you checked out the book. And if you want to be extra awesome, help us spread the word. Any ‘sharing’ and re-linking, or any other kind of promo you can think of, is very much appreciated. And hey, if you read it, and enjoy, please do leave us a review.

Rock on, folks.

Friends of ours. Wonderful places. Rabbit holes to different worlds.

alice-in-front-of-rabbit-holeThis update is a big old high-five to some buddies of ours, and a feature of some websites and places you really should check out if you enjoy what we do here at Solarcide. (But, of course, you’ll know most of them already, right?) This site is part of a great network of podcasts and lit-mags that form a tight and friendly network of authorly peers. So much great work is seeing the light of day though these people and these places. We’re very fond of them all. Without further ado, put ‘em together for these great guys and gals.

A few awesome lit-mags.

thunder Thunderdome Magazine – Michael Gonzalez is the head honcho over here, and he keeps a tight ship. They have featured dozens of great writers, including many of our own guest authors. Peruse their pages and you’ll see plenty of familiar names. Also, they just pulled the trigger on their second printed anthology project, Cipher Sisters, which is making lots of great noise.



Pantheon Magazine – Matt Garcia is the kingpin here. His lit-mag features Grecian-deity themed issues, and they come packaged with some of the most beautiful story illustrations and cover artwork we have seen. Quarterly releases for the printed books, though the stories are available for reading online too, if you are looking for a preview.


c,cCease, Cows – H. L. Nelson is the mother of the herd, and she heads a team of editors over at this flash fiction cattle-shed. We’re huge fans of the flashy art form here at Solarcide, and so we were pouring all over this site as soon as we discovered it. Also, a few of the authors that have contributed to our forthcoming Flash Me! project have been featured here. Perfect for lunch break reading.


IYR-1-Front-Cover-webImperial Youth Review – Garrett Cook and Chris Kelso teamed up to birth this project, a gallery of the weird and the bizarre that they dub “the anti-New Yorker”. They have a printed fiction issue available and have a feast of online fiction too.

And a couple of great podcasts for your aural delight.


bblogoBooks and Booze – The triple threat match-up of Renee Pickup, Jessica Taylor, and Dakota Taylor host this madhouse of rants and drunken ramblings. They have had a spectacular run of guests on the show, and they take their interviews to places nobody else would dare. Not sober, anyhow.


Booked-typed-e1323935877915Booked. Podcast – Livius Nedin and Rob Olson have been podcasting for a while now and they are becoming masters in their field. Their list of past guests reads like a who’s who of up-and-coming fiction. This year they released an anthology featuring some of those guests, one of the most anticipated collections to be seen in recent days.

So, what are you waiting for. Go check these places out. You can spend hour upon hour with these people if you got the time to kill. So many great stories. It’s all about those words, people.

Rock on.

They’re zombies, boss, but not as we know ‘em.

LAndrewsThe guest story feature for August is now live and we’re very excited about this one.

Somewhat surprisingly, we have yet to run a yarn about zombies here at Solarcide. That ends now. ‘Ware ye though, his is no ordinary tale of the undead. This is something altogether new. This is a zombie story Laura Andrews style, and believe us when we say there is something for everyone here. If you like the sound of killer Pomeranians and guaranteed, grade A, virus-annihilating, bentonite clay, then The Legend of Johnny Bell might just hit the spot.

Check it out here. Have a great time. Then, help spread the word. As always, any sharing and re-linking is hugely appreciated.

Keep rocking on, ladies and gentlemen. We have some massive updates in the pipeline for you soon. Not least of which is our flashy little Sinthology explosion. Keep ‘em peeled!


Looking To The Strange, The Sad, and The Funny: July’s Guest Feature

Nice guys definitely finish last in our newest guest story—or should we say patient guys finish last?

Solarcide is happy to bring you our monthly guest feature for July, which comes from author James L. Steele.

Slightly more bizarre than Bizarro, “The Patient Man” offers something for those with a twisted sense of humor, and also for fans of the unusual and unforgettable.

Now Live, You Can Read “The Patient Man” by James L. Steele Right Here.

And Be Sure To Visit Again In August when we’ll be making some big and exciting announcements!

You should be reading these books.

This update is a great big shout out to a few buddies of ours who are having a great time of the publishing game just lately. Authors we have been delighted to feature at Solarcide have got some awesome new work out there. You really should be reading these books.

First up, the Booked. Podcast crew, who were awesome enough to review Nova Parade, have just blown the collected stories game wide open with their own debut anthology project. The contents page is a police line-up of authors that we love, many of whom we can vouch for as very good eggs. Clevenger, Venturini, Thomas, Gowin, Gonzales, Guerlain, Ross, Korpon, Highland. So many more. Seriously, check out this contents page.

Awesome anthologies aren’t the only grand works being published just lately. A couple of authors who we have featured here multiple times have some really cool books seeing release. First up, an Aussie living out of Japan who writes superhero literature and comic book goodness, one of our very first interview guests and a very fun guy, Mr Andrez Bergen, has unleashed a third novel in as many years. This time it’s super powered madness, in Who Is Killing The Great Capes Of Heropa?

292363_577375468951329_407502339_nIn addition, Andrez has also just released his first short-story-and-comic-strip-cocktail of a collection, titled The Condimental Op. Both of these are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t taken a peek already.

Next up is a British author living out of Poland, the guru of True Brit Grit and participant in our recent short story spotlight, Mr Paul D. Brazill. Paul has two new novella releases up for grabs, Guns Of Brixton (based on his earlier short story of the same name) and Gumshoe are both yours to snag for the Amazon Kindle format.

‘Tis a good time for reading materials, that’s for sure.

Rock on, guys and gals.

That Time of The Month!

Heads are separated from bodies in Solarcide’s New Guest Feature for June, titled “We Have Always Lived In Our Heads” by Novelist, English Professor and Music Journalist of 18 years, the one and only Mr. Alex S. Johnson.

The author makes his Solarcide debut with a short story that’s part Bizarro, part Sci-Fi, but engaging and memorable all around—Readers can check out “We Have Always Lived In Our Heads” right here.


More June Updates


The birthday month celebrations continue with the final instalment of the Short Story Spotlight , which has featured a group of writers that have caught our eye with their short fiction work in recent times.


Last time round we had two authors of the most dark and occult fiction. This time, we have two wordsmiths of the finest hard-boiled noir and gritty crime stories. Nik Korpon and Paul D. Brazill. Both know their way around a literary dark alley. Find out how they do it at the links below.


Read Nik Korpon’s interview here.

Read Paul D. Brazill’s interview here.

And just before we go, a couple of reminders. First up, you should be keeping your eyes peeled for a brand new guest story coming to Solarcide soon. Our monthly story slot is seeing more interest than ever, and the submission are coming thick and fast. Check back soon to find out who we’ll be featuring this month.

And don’t forget about our birthday celebratory signed book give-away! Subscribe tot he site, or ‘like’ our Facebook page by the 18th of June to be in with a chance of winning a signed novel from the prolific author, Stephen Graham Jones.

All the best, folks. See you again soon.


The Short Story Spotlight Continues

alexrichThe anniversarial celebrations continue at Solarcide with the next instalments of our Short Story Spotlight interview feature. This time around, we’re shooting the shit with two authors of most dark and sinister fiction, neo-noir guru, Richard Thomas, and the occult scribe Alex S. Johnson.

Both are very passionate about the world of short stories and had some great answers for our questions.

Check out Richard’s interview, here.

And check out Alex’s, here.


And a reminder about our birthday party signed book give-away! If you follow this site as an email subscriber, or if you ‘like’ our facebook page to keep up with our updates that way, then you might be in with a chance of winning a signed novel by one of our favorite writers, Stephen Graham Jones.

The prize draw will be June 18th. Sign up before then to have a shot at winning!

We’ll be back after the weekend with the next instalments of the Short Story Spotlight, with authors Nik Korpon and Paul D. Brazill. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Rock on, folks!