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Solarcide is expanding its social media network. We’re now recruiting soldiers for our war on the sun on a global scale.

As before, you can catch up with our exploits through our Facebook page.

Now, if you are not a Facebook fan but you still keep a tab on what we’re up to, you can also follow us at our brand new pages for Twitter and Google+.

We’ll be running some fun promotions for the site through these new platforms, including book give-aways and more. Keep an eye out for those.

Hope to see you all around.

Rock on.

Solarcidal Tendencies is available now.

 3Visions, plagues, angels. A different view of the miracle of birth. Bestialty farms, departing souls, talking cold-sores, and of course, elder gods. All of this and more. Edited by Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, this is a collection of some of the darkest and most perculiar words ever published by Solarcide. The long awaited return of some of the craziest, funniest, and most brutal fiction that was featured during the first couple of years of the site’s operations. Featuring an introduction by neo-noir road-warrior, Richard Thomas, and boasting stories from wonderful folk such as Ben Tanzer, Gordon Highland, Brandon Tietz, Rebecca Jones-Howe, and Garrett Cook. Wicked words are contained within.

Our newest anthology project is go! So many great friends of the site are in this book. These are stories we have loved for a long time and finally the moment is right to bring them back. This is probably our best feature publication yet. We would love it if you checked it out.

Check out the full table of contents (and read Richard’s introduction to the anthology) here.

Now you are powerless to resist, here’s the linkage.

US Amazon link

UK Amazon link

Createspace E-store link

We really are incredible grateful to each and every one of you that gives it a go.

Rock on.

June Updates!


Good day, all.

Some fun things to share today. Our newest anthology release, Solarcidal Tendencies, is in the very last stages of preparation. We’re just about ready to go with this one.

logoTendencies is a collection of sixteen works by fantastic authors we have worked with over the last couple of years. This book is our ‘best-of’ from the early days of the site. We rebooted slightly at the beginning of last year, and many of the guest stories from the old version of the site were kept back. Until now. The site has grown a great deal since then. Only now, do we feel the time is right to release these top drawer stories.

These stories are some of the darkest and weirdest words we have ever featured. At times the collection is hilarious, at other times, brutal. All the way through, it is unforgettable.

Within its table of contents Tendencies boasts headline authors such as Ben Tanzer, Gordon Highland, Brandon Tietz, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Garrett Cook and Len Kuntz. You can see the full table of contents here.

In addition, we have now uploaded the introduction from the book as a little teaser trailer for what is to come. The introduction was written by Richard Thomas, prolific author, neo-noir warrior, and the head of Dark House Press. RTCheck out what Richard had to say about the book here.

So, what else is new?

flashmecoverOur last anthology project, 2013’s Flash Me! The Sinthology, is now available in the Amazon Kindle format at bargain pocket change prices. This collection of wicked and decadent flash fiction features such authors as Bryan Howie, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Shannon Barber, Terasa Skultety, and Sean Leonard, and is now available for Amazon e-readers and the Kindle app. (which runs on Apple, Android, and Windows platforms)

There are twenty six author here, showing what they have hidden beneath their literary raincoats. All for less than a cup of coffee. You can find the collection for sale here (US) and here (UK).

And finally.


Don’t forget there’s a new guest story live at Solarcide this week.

The Youngest Brother is a crime/noir tale of power struggles and assassins. Sara Dobie Bauer is our guest author, and you can read the story right here.

Many thanks to everyone who checks this stuff out, and to all that help us spread the word around. Plenty of good times on the horizon. Bring em’ on.

Rock on.

June’s Guest Feature: “The Youngest Brother” by Sara Dobie Bauer

So girl walks into a bar and … Wait. Undercover female assassin walks into a bar and spots her mark. She’s been hired to seduce and kill Duncan Sadler on the day of his father’s funeral. His older brother wants him dead for reasons unclear. But who’s playing who at the Sphinx Bar?”

“The Youngest Brother” is noir crime fiction from award-winning author, prison volunteer, and Ohio University alum Sara Dobie Bauer.

Solarcide is honored to bring the author’s work to readers for our return to the Monthly Guest Story after a short break to prep for our upcoming 3rd Anniversary.

We thank our readers for your support and Sara Dobie Bauer for sharing her latest with Solarcide.

Read “The Youngest Brother” Here.

Godlings @ Pulp Metal Magazine

PULPLOGOGodlings, a cosmic tale of juvenile deities and their playground games, by Solarcide’s own Martin Garrity, is now live at Pulp Metal Magazine. This story is a preview of the upcoming fiction collection, Corridors.

PMM is an awesome site. While you are over there, take a look around. Lots of good reading. Cheers to Jason Michel over there.

Rock on, folks!


Solarcidal Tendencies. Coming Soon.


It is with great delight that today we can announce the full table of contents for our next anthology project.

Solarcidal Tendencies.

Edited by Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, this collection of some of the darkest and the weirdest words ever committed to the page will be landing before full summer hits. Featuring an introduction by neo-noir and horror author Richard Thomas, and boasting stories from wonderful folk such as Ben Tanzer, Gordon Highland, Brandon Tietz, Rebecca Jones-Howe, and Garrett Cook. Wicked words are contained within. Keep your eyes peeled!
Coming this summer.

The full table of contents.

Introduction – Richard Thomas
Perfectly Natural – Jessica Leonard
Horsepower – Bryan Howie & K. A. Hunter
Child – David Bobis
‘Burgatory – Gordon Highland
A Lady on the Streets – Renee Asher Pickup
Triple Flash – Len Kuntz
Enhancement – Garrett Cook
Distance From Daddy – Rebecca Jones-Howe
Something Special – Ben Tanzer
Carl – Brandon Tietz
Hands and Tendrils – Axel Taiari
The Love – Teri Skultety
The Legend Of Johnny Bell – Laura Andrews
My Life In A Brutalist Concrete Bunker – Tony Rauch
Year of the Pig – Andrea Taylor
Love, Posey – Michael J. Riser

Rock on, folks.

Kill the sun.


Paul D. Brazill and Lyric McKnight are the Winners of the Mardi Gras Murder Giveaway—Congratulations to both!!

Mardi Gras Murder features 13 New Crime Tales set around the biggest and craziest party of the year. Solarcide thanks Mystery and Horror, LCC for allowing us to participate in the giveaway, and we also thank our readers for the continued support.

The Mardi Gras Murder anthology is on sale now in Paperback through Barnes&Noble and Amazon, and for Kindle through Amazon. Just click on the blue for direct links, and for all of those celebrating on Tuesday, be safe and be sure to have enough fun to last until next Year!

Mardi Gras Murder and Book Giveaway

A New Crime Tale from Nathan Pettigrew is featured in the Mardi Gras Murder anthology released this past week.

13 New Stories appear in the anthology from such authors as Marian Allen, Harriette Sackler, and Debra H. Goldstein to name just a few. “Krewe of Bayou Black” is the name of Nathan’s story, in which a young thief goes head to head with a local crime lord during the craziest time of the southern year.

The Paperback edition is available through Barnes & Noble here, and through Amazon at this location, where you can also find the Kindle edition

Mardi Gras Murder is brought to you by Mystery and Horror, LLC (MAHLLC)—the indie press that released the acclaimed Ha! Ha! Horror Volume 1 joke book by MonsterMatt Patterson before Christmas.

Solarcide is also excited to announce that we’re celebrating this year’s carnival season with a Mardi Gras Murder Giveaway!

Participants will have a chance to win a Free Copy of Mardi Gras Murder –courtesy of the generous folks at MAHLLC—and 2 winners will be announced.

Those who “like” the new facebook page for MAHLLC here will be entered into the drawing. Or you can visit the MAHLLC site and “like” the Solarcide facebook page from there to be entered into the drawing as well.

Those who have already liked MAHLLC and Solarcide on facebook will also be eligible.

More Updates To Come…

Small Acts of Rebellion by Emily Slaney


Our first guest story of 2014 is live. UK author, Emily Slaney, who has previously featured in our flash fiction project, The Sinthology, takes us for a bittersweet trip down memory lane with her story Small Acts of Rebellion.

Drink, drugs, and suicide Barbie dolls.

Pooh-sticks and broken dreams.

Check it out hereSlaney.

Win a signed copy of Gripped by Jason Donnelly.

Solarcide is teaming up with author Jason Donnelly for a grand old signed book give-away to see out the month. His novel, Gripped, has been getting all kinds of good press and is a funny and relevant piece of satire. It’s a fine book. And you could win a signed copy, simply by heading over to the Solarcide Facebook page and hitting the ‘like’ button.

On the 31st January, we’ll draw a winner at random from the followers list to receive the book.

Help us spread the word!