After the sleep of winter…


….the sun, our mortal foe, is gathering its forces of bedazzlement once more. And so we must gather our own forces to meet him.

Something like that, anyhow.

We are back!! After a quiet few months the band is getting back together. Life has been full of crazy times for the two of us. Many things good, some just great, and yes, a few bad too. We come out the other end sharper though, our pitchfork prongs more honed, ready to stab that evil Sol right in his ass.

2015 is on. We hope to have a blast.

Some things are going to be different. No getting away from that. There will be a slight rejigging of the page layout, so if you spot any anomalies in the next week or two, please assume we are on the case. Content wise – we still plan on having a host of awesome guest authors appear here, but we will no longer be open to public submissions for fiction. We still plan on bringing you a whole slew of great words, but the single-slot-per-month gig is no more. It was a fun experiment while it lasted. We learned a lot, got to talk to a bunch of new folks, some of whom really were awesome to work with. But nothing may last forever. We return now to an invitation model with a confidence about us that this is the best thing for the site, the best thing for ourselves, and the best way to ensure this grand old ship keeps it course, dead set toward the sun with pitchfork in hand.

Forward your eyes, please! 2015 is a new year, with new goals, and hopefully new achievements.

Keep your beady eyes peeled, because there will be new content here before you know it.

Flash Me! TDVP2

First on our horizons is a return for our flash fiction darling, the shockingly upfront and in-your-face gig known as Flash Me!

The short but sweet monster has been snarling our way of late, begging to be let loose once more. And really, wouldn’t it be rude of us to ignore?

Flash Me!: The Devil’s Variety Performance is a collection of five flash pieces written by some good friends of ours, including a new piece from one of our long time favorites, Rebecca Jones-Howe, alongside authors such as Pantheon Magazine’s Matt Garcia and horror author Bob Pastorella.

It’s going to be a grand way to rouse this sleepy beast.

And of course there is more stuff to come. Big stuff. Sparkly, totally fucking exciting stuff.

We slumber no more.

Rock on, folks. Kill the sun.

Don’t Ball the Boss

Solarcide Favorite Sara Dobie Bauer keeps ‘em coming—her short “Don’t Ball the Boss” is featured in The Stoneslide Corrective.

““Don’t Ball the Boss” is a whopper of a good time. If you’re offended by homosexuality, cussing, or super hot British actors, do not read. This hilarious and irreverent short story is featured in The Stoneslide Corrective, and I dedicate every word to the adoring Cumber Collective and/or my Cumberbitches (depending on how you identify). Definitely rated R.” –SDB

Enjoy It Here.

Then read about the aftermath Here.

The author also recently published “How It Died” through Blank Fiction Magazine’s latest Horror Issue.

All Things Sara Dobie Bauer: Purveyor of laughter, love, and satire since 1982.

Featured Story for August: Tusks by Paul Goat Allen

The man is no stranger to fiction. Professional Reviewer and Author Paul Goat Allen comes to Solarcide and gives us “Tusks”—Our Final Guest Story for the summer.

While we’re temporarily closing to submissions to continue our promotion of Solarcidal Tendencies, we’re excited to see our monthly stories go out on a high note with Paul Goat Allen’s latest. Readers should eat this one up and can check out “Tusks” right here.

Enjoy, Comment, Share and Be Sure To Kill The Sun!

Tendencies – getting the word out!

logoOur latest anthology project has been available for a little while now, and we’ve had some awesome feedback coming in for it. We couldn’t resist sharing some of it here.

First up, Canadian author, Chris Lewis Carter, the man behind the Camp Myth project and a slew of fantastic short stories, had this to say about the collection:

“Solarcide prides itself on showcasing up-and-coming writers who aren’t afraid to push the envelope, and this collection proves why they’re quickly becoming my go-to source for hard-hitting fiction. A lot of collections claim to be “edgy,” or attempt to use shock value as a smoke and mirrors routine to distract you from the lack of depth between the covers, but the authors of Solarcidal Tendencies understand exactly how to grab your attention, make you smile, then break your heart.

The introduction by Richard Thomas sets the tone perfectly and from there you’re dropped face-first into “Perfectly Natural” by Jessica Leonard, which is a story so haunting and beautifully-written that I immediately had to read it again. No joke.Throw in work from more of my favorite indie voices, including Brandon Tietz, Gordon Highland, Rebecca Jones-Howe, and Andrea Taylor, and you’ve got one of the best collections of the year, hands down.”

If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, then here’s another review of the book, this time from UK author Jonny Gibbings, who’s novel Malice In Blunderland is one of the funniest and most batshit crazy things to see publication in recent years.

“Solarcidal Tendencies is a genuinely exceptional body of work and probably the best collection I have ever read. Collections I’ve often found seem to be genre specific and within the volume the writers can seem to attempt to be a winner, competing to stand out. What makes Solarcidal Tendencies so fantastic is how varied and amazing yet harmonious the context of the collection is. Yes – it is that good.

The quality of writing and writer is again exceptional. Within are names I know with talents I love already, surrounded by names I’ve never read and all with such ridiculous talent. The mixture of genre excites and each with superb delivery, it is like a lucky dip of brilliance, I felt so excited to see what the next short would bring I finished the volume at 4am.

I can’t name and review all, but just as a taster the volume opens with ‘Perfectly Natural’ by Jessica Leonard, a desperately bleak almost voyeuristic piece on motherhood that bruises you. As a parent I felt every word, and then boom! Bryan Howie & K.A. Hunter drop an atom bomb of the darkest comedy in ‘Horsepower’ that had me laughing so hard. The two couldn’t be further apart in genre, and each exceptional in their own craft. Brandon Tietz shows that he can reduce bizarro comedy to a short and it still be brilliantly funny as he always is. His piece ‘Carl’ is just fecking superb. Andrea Taylor takes the reader to a sinister and dark place with ‘Year of the Pig’ that has you holding your breath. Then there other shorts that are painfully beautiful in both craft and narrative; Renee Pickup delivers, as she always does, pure distilled tension that only she can do, ‘A Lady on the Streets’ is like hiding under a table when a relationship explodes. ‘Distance from Daddy’ by Rebecca Jones-Howe was plain beautiful and painful all at the same time, stripped back, raw and emotional, if you are a father you will feel and fear every word. The whole volume is stunning and gifts you alternative perspectives, Ben Tanzer’s jaded view ‘Something Special’ flips the hero theory and brilliantly gives you a view of the long term.

Solarcidal Tendencies is a wonderful, bleak, hilarious, beautiful, insightful, dark, bizarre, and tense volume of exceptional talent. There isn’t one weak link.”

Many thanks to Chris and Jonny for the kind words. Many thanks indeed.

In addition to these reviews, Solarcide co-editor Martin Garrity was a recent guest at the blog of Brit Grit master, Paul D. Brazill. The short interview looks at Solarcidal Tendencies, as well as some other fun stuff.

We love this collection, so naturally we are delighted by this feedback. And we bestow many graditudes upon each and every reader that checks the project out.

Rock on, folks. See you again soon!

Solarcide Social Media


Solarcide is expanding its social media network. We’re now recruiting soldiers for our war on the sun on a global scale.

As before, you can catch up with our exploits through our Facebook page.

Now, if you are not a Facebook fan but you still keep a tab on what we’re up to, you can also follow us at our brand new pages for Twitter and Google+.

We’ll be running some fun promotions for the site through these new platforms, including book give-aways and more. Keep an eye out for those.

Hope to see you all around.

Rock on.

Solarcidal Tendencies is available now.

 3Visions, plagues, angels. A different view of the miracle of birth. Bestialty farms, departing souls, talking cold-sores, and of course, elder gods. All of this and more. Edited by Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, this is a collection of some of the darkest and most perculiar words ever published by Solarcide. The long awaited return of some of the craziest, funniest, and most brutal fiction that was featured during the first couple of years of the site’s operations. Featuring an introduction by neo-noir road-warrior, Richard Thomas, and boasting stories from wonderful folk such as Ben Tanzer, Gordon Highland, Brandon Tietz, Rebecca Jones-Howe, and Garrett Cook. Wicked words are contained within.

Our newest anthology project is go! So many great friends of the site are in this book. These are stories we have loved for a long time and finally the moment is right to bring them back. This is probably our best feature publication yet. We would love it if you checked it out.

Check out the full table of contents (and read Richard’s introduction to the anthology) here.

Now you are powerless to resist, here’s the linkage.

US Amazon link

UK Amazon link

Createspace E-store link

We really are incredible grateful to each and every one of you that gives it a go.

Rock on.

June Updates!


Good day, all.

Some fun things to share today. Our newest anthology release, Solarcidal Tendencies, is in the very last stages of preparation. We’re just about ready to go with this one.

logoTendencies is a collection of sixteen works by fantastic authors we have worked with over the last couple of years. This book is our ‘best-of’ from the early days of the site. We rebooted slightly at the beginning of last year, and many of the guest stories from the old version of the site were kept back. Until now. The site has grown a great deal since then. Only now, do we feel the time is right to release these top drawer stories.

These stories are some of the darkest and weirdest words we have ever featured. At times the collection is hilarious, at other times, brutal. All the way through, it is unforgettable.

Within its table of contents Tendencies boasts headline authors such as Ben Tanzer, Gordon Highland, Brandon Tietz, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Garrett Cook and Len Kuntz. You can see the full table of contents here.

In addition, we have now uploaded the introduction from the book as a little teaser trailer for what is to come. The introduction was written by Richard Thomas, prolific author, neo-noir warrior, and the head of Dark House Press. RTCheck out what Richard had to say about the book here.

So, what else is new?

flashmecoverOur last anthology project, 2013’s Flash Me! The Sinthology, is now available in the Amazon Kindle format at bargain pocket change prices. This collection of wicked and decadent flash fiction features such authors as Bryan Howie, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Shannon Barber, Terasa Skultety, and Sean Leonard, and is now available for Amazon e-readers and the Kindle app. (which runs on Apple, Android, and Windows platforms)

There are twenty six author here, showing what they have hidden beneath their literary raincoats. All for less than a cup of coffee. You can find the collection for sale here (US) and here (UK).

And finally.


Don’t forget there’s a new guest story live at Solarcide this week.

The Youngest Brother is a crime/noir tale of power struggles and assassins. Sara Dobie Bauer is our guest author, and you can read the story right here.

Many thanks to everyone who checks this stuff out, and to all that help us spread the word around. Plenty of good times on the horizon. Bring em’ on.

Rock on.

June’s Guest Feature: “The Youngest Brother” by Sara Dobie Bauer

So girl walks into a bar and … Wait. Undercover female assassin walks into a bar and spots her mark. She’s been hired to seduce and kill Duncan Sadler on the day of his father’s funeral. His older brother wants him dead for reasons unclear. But who’s playing who at the Sphinx Bar?”

“The Youngest Brother” is noir crime fiction from award-winning author, prison volunteer, and Ohio University alum Sara Dobie Bauer.

Solarcide is honored to bring the author’s work to readers for our return to the Monthly Guest Story after a short break to prep for our upcoming 3rd Anniversary.

We thank our readers for your support and Sara Dobie Bauer for sharing her latest with Solarcide.

Read “The Youngest Brother” Here.