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The Damned Authors of World Literature From the "cursed poets" to the "lost generation" up to Bukowski, here are authors who most embodied the idea of ​​the damned writer in literature “If you look into the abyss for a long time, the abyss will look inside you”. The statement, by the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, seems to well represent the existential condition of some...

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From Paper To Clinical Study Software: The...

The development of clinical research has undergone several important phases over the past century. Nowadays, almost every field, including the healthcare industry, are benefite...


The Benefits to Reading Books

The benefits to reading books are many, and they really are the key to unlocking all the mysteries of life and human nature. For starters, it is just plain fun to read. Aft...


History of Ebooks

What is eBook An eBook is a book in digital format that can be accessed via computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and devices specially designed for r...

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Bestsellers and Self-Publishing

Bestsellers and Self-Publishing: The Magnificent 7 Here are the stories of seven bestselling writers, their millionaire successes and how they used self-publishing to achieve...

Unknown Books by Cult Authors

At times, in the Borgesian labyrinth of literature, there are books that make them lose their traces. Small masterpieces by very famous authors who, for various reasons, end up in oblivion, cataloged as outline works. Yet their value is absolute, and they are all to be rediscovered. So here are the 5 unknown books (plus a bonus) by cult authors .

Together with the gothic literature masterpiece The People of Autumn, Farewell to Summer is the most interesting of Bradbury's unknown books, which touches upon universal themes for our society. In 1929, the summer suddenly refused to end (reminds you of a certain climate change?)....

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