The Short Story Spotlight Continues

alexrichThe anniversarial celebrations continue at Solarcide with the next instalments of our Short Story Spotlight interview feature. This time around, we’re shooting the shit with two authors of most dark and sinister fiction, neo-noir guru, Richard Thomas, and the occult scribe Alex S. Johnson.

Both are very passionate about the world of short stories and had some great answers for our questions.

Check out Richard’s interview, here.

And check out Alex’s, here.


And a reminder about our birthday party signed book give-away! If you follow this site as an email subscriber, or if you ‘like’ our facebook page to keep up with our updates that way, then you might be in with a chance of winning a signed novel by one of our favorite writers, Stephen Graham Jones.

The prize draw will be June 18th. Sign up before then to have a shot at winning!

We’ll be back after the weekend with the next instalments of the Short Story Spotlight, with authors Nik Korpon and Paul D. Brazill. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Rock on, folks!


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