You should be reading these books.

This update is a great big shout out to a few buddies of ours who are having a great time of the publishing game just lately. Authors we have been delighted to feature at Solarcide have got some awesome new work out there. You really should be reading these books.

First up, the Booked. Podcast crew, who were awesome enough to review Nova Parade, have just blown the collected stories game wide open with their own debut anthology project. The contents page is a police line-up of authors that we love, many of whom we can vouch for as very good eggs. Clevenger, Venturini, Thomas, Gowin, Gonzales, Guerlain, Ross, Korpon, Highland. So many more. Seriously, check out this contents page.

Awesome anthologies aren’t the only grand works being published just lately. A couple of authors who we have featured here multiple times have some really cool books seeing release. First up, an Aussie living out of Japan who writes superhero literature and comic book goodness, one of our very first interview guests and a very fun guy, Mr Andrez Bergen, has unleashed a third novel in as many years. This time it’s super powered madness, in Who Is Killing The Great Capes Of Heropa?

292363_577375468951329_407502339_nIn addition, Andrez has also just released his first short-story-and-comic-strip-cocktail of a collection, titled The Condimental Op. Both of these are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t taken a peek already.

Next up is a British author living out of Poland, the guru of True Brit Grit and participant in our recent short story spotlight, Mr Paul D. Brazill. Paul has two new novella releases up for grabs, Guns Of Brixton (based on his earlier short story of the same name) and Gumshoe are both yours to snag for the Amazon Kindle format.

‘Tis a good time for reading materials, that’s for sure.

Rock on, guys and gals.


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