They’re zombies, boss, but not as we know ’em.

LAndrewsThe guest story feature for August is now live and we’re very excited about this one.

Somewhat surprisingly, we have yet to run a yarn about zombies here at Solarcide. That ends now. ‘Ware ye though, his is no ordinary tale of the undead. This is something altogether new. This is a zombie story Laura Andrews style, and believe us when we say there is something for everyone here. If you like the sound of killer Pomeranians and guaranteed, grade A, virus-annihilating, bentonite clay, then The Legend of Johnny Bell might just hit the spot.

Check it out here. Have a great time. Then, help spread the word. As always, any sharing and re-linking is hugely appreciated.

Keep rocking on, ladies and gentlemen. We have some massive updates in the pipeline for you soon. Not least of which is our flashy little Sinthology explosion. Keep ’em peeled!



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