Friends of ours. Wonderful places. Rabbit holes to different worlds.

alice-in-front-of-rabbit-holeThis update is a big old high-five to some buddies of ours, and a feature of some websites and places you really should check out if you enjoy what we do here at Solarcide. (But, of course, you’ll know most of them already, right?) This site is part of a great network of podcasts and lit-mags that form a tight and friendly network of authorly peers. So much great work is seeing the light of day though these people and these places. We’re very fond of them all. Without further ado, put ’em together for these great guys and gals.

A few awesome lit-mags.

thunder Thunderdome Magazine – Michael Gonzalez is the head honcho over here, and he keeps a tight ship. They have featured dozens of great writers, including many of our own guest authors. Peruse their pages and you’ll see plenty of familiar names. Also, they just pulled the trigger on their second printed anthology project, Cipher Sisters, which is making lots of great noise.



Pantheon Magazine – Matt Garcia is the kingpin here. His lit-mag features Grecian-deity themed issues, and they come packaged with some of the most beautiful story illustrations and cover artwork we have seen. Quarterly releases for the printed books, though the stories are available for reading online too, if you are looking for a preview.


c,cCease, Cows – H. L. Nelson is the mother of the herd, and she heads a team of editors over at this flash fiction cattle-shed. We’re huge fans of the flashy art form here at Solarcide, and so we were pouring all over this site as soon as we discovered it. Also, a few of the authors that have contributed to our forthcoming Flash Me! project have been featured here. Perfect for lunch break reading.


IYR-1-Front-Cover-webImperial Youth Review – Garrett Cook and Chris Kelso teamed up to birth this project, a gallery of the weird and the bizarre that they dub “the anti-New Yorker”. They have a printed fiction issue available and have a feast of online fiction too.

And a couple of great podcasts for your aural delight.


bblogoBooks and Booze – The triple threat match-up of Renee Pickup, Jessica Taylor, and Dakota Taylor host this madhouse of rants and drunken ramblings. They have had a spectacular run of guests on the show, and they take their interviews to places nobody else would dare. Not sober, anyhow.


Booked-typed-e1323935877915Booked. Podcast – Livius Nedin and Rob Olson have been podcasting for a while now and they are becoming masters in their field. Their list of past guests reads like a who’s who of up-and-coming fiction. This year they released an anthology featuring some of those guests, one of the most anticipated collections to be seen in recent days.

So, what are you waiting for. Go check these places out. You can spend hour upon hour with these people if you got the time to kill. So many great stories. It’s all about those words, people.

Rock on.


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