Twenty Thirteen


Good day, all!

So 2013 is almost through. 2014 is at the gates. New year is dawning and of course we couldn’t let that happen without a run-down of some of the fun we had these past twelve months. This post is a little celebration of the wonderfully wicked cast of characters that have brought their words to the pages of Solarcide in 2013. Then, of course, we’ll end on an anticipatory glance at the future.

There are two main features of the past year that we need to re-cap. Up first though, a moment for your Solarcidal scribes themselves, misters Pettigrew and Garrity. It’s been a turbulent year for both your beloved hosts, with lots going on and life changes aplenty. Life is a maelstrom sometimes. Times can be chaotic. The pages of Solarcide and the words that require perpetual taming were never far from our minds though, and 2013 saw many maneuvers, some in plain view and some behind the scenes.


Nathan Pettigrew knocked it out of the park as always, with a series of great journal publications. Wakey Wake came to life with the reputable Thuglit, Cajun Cayote in Bête Noire, and The Urge’s Eternal Victory in Dark Eclipse.

Then another highlight for twenty thirteen. Nathan’s story Dog Killer was named amongst the Writer’s Digest Fiction Awards top five for crime fiction. With more than two thousand entries considered for the award, top five placing was a right and proper crown for the yearly haul. These gigs, combined with the epic task of keeping up with the Guest Story slush pile for Solarcide, have been keeping the bald and American side of this dark fiction duo plenty busy,


So what of the hairy British one? Martin was more involved in the editorial side of things this year (the main results of which will be talked about later in this update) but has still been managing to edge towards a personal goal of his, namely a collection of his own short fiction and prose poem mish-mashery, unleashed on the public via Solarcide. The work is slow, but 2014 will be the year for Corridors. Promise.

One recent preview of the collection  can be found over at Cease, Cows. This City Is Not Noah’s Ark is an example of the kind of stuff that will be found inside the forthcoming collection.


So then, which cool folks did we get to hang out with this past year?

Our special guest story slot has proven to be quite the success. This time last year we decided to make the switch from inviting our guests to contribute to new, open call for submissions. We added a prize payment for the winning author of each guest slot and our inbox went suitably crazy. We surfed the slush-pile all year round, and we found a wonderful array of dark and twisted writings to publish.

In total, ten works of dark and weird fiction were selected.

Andrea Taylor kicked us off with a tale of murder and pigs.

Bradley Sands went bizarro in a Russian bath-house.

Robin Wyatt Dunn got through to the aliens.

J. S. Watts got down and dirty. Filthy, even.

Hannah Lackoff swam out beyond the shimmer.

Alex S. Johnson taught us where our home really is.

James L. Steele waited, and good things came.

Laura Andrews took us out wicked west.

Charie D. La Marr restrained us and made us beg.

and finally, Eric Del Carlo taught us of a sinister change upon the horizon.

If you missed any of these stories, then get on in there. Read them, enjoy them, share them around. Look up the authors and send them kind words. There’s a lot of fun to be had and none of them bite. Not too hard, anyway. It is our New Year’s wish that each of you read at least one story from the list above that you haven’t read before. Then, if you liked it, give it a shout out on the old social networks. Stories, after all, hunger to be read.

Many thanks to every single author that sent work our way. It was a blast reading all your submissions. More next year please!


Flash Me! The Sinthology was the chocolatey froth atop our publishing effort in 2013. Our first print format anthology project, born through collaboration with a friend of ours, Chester Pane.

This is a collection featuring twenty-six decadent flash and micro-fiction pieces from twenty-six wonderful authors, including Rebecca Jones-Howe, Bryan Howie, Alex S. Johnson, Shannon Barber, Sean Leonard, Terasa Skultety, and many more besides. The full table of contents can be see here.

This little book was a big deal to us. The next step on our adventure to bring down the sun with wicked words.

The book is available from Amazon right now. It’s also available from CreateSpace, and as an end of year present to any of you who don’t have it already, W8L2QYTH is a discount code that will get you 33% off the list price over there. It’s a bargain at that. (Small catch, this is probably only going to work out for US readers, UK and Europe are probably best going with Amazon to avoid larger shipping costs)

We’d love it if you checked out the book. And if you want to be extra awesome, help us spread the word. Any sharing and re-linking, or any other kind of promo you can think of, is very much appreciated.


Something else that happened this year that is definitely worth a mention here was a very nice little write-up that a good friend of ours, lady Jessica Taylor, penned for us for the community spotlight at the one and only LitReactor.

This a site that has always been dear to us, so it was a real honour to be featured there. If you want a run-down of how this site even came to be in the first place, plus a bit of insider info for The Sinthology, then take a gander at the spotlight. Many thanks, Jessica!

mini faces

Next up, more presents! We have another little New Year’s gift for you lovely ladies and gentlemen.

If you missed our first anthology release, Nova Parade, which came out in 2012 for the Kindle platform, then this is your lucky season indeed. For the next couple of days the anthology is free to download in the .mobi format at this Sendspace link right here.

That’s right, our very first anthology release, a real festival of dark fiction and bizarro, is free for your Kindling pleasure. Featuring 25 works, including one from each of your Solarcidian hosts, and guest starring the heavyweight names of Richard Thomas, Bradley Sands, Caleb J. Ross, Andrez Bergen, Phil Jourdan, Nikki Guerlain, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Chris Lewis Carter and Paul D. Brazill, amongst others, this is not a collection to let slip you by. It was even reviewed by the fantastic Booked. Podcast crew.

Anyway. The collection will be free to download until sometime on the 1st of January. There isn’t much time. Grab it while you can.

Oh, and p.s. – to the  people possessing limitless cool, who already bought the collection, why not send this link along to somebody you now who might appreciate it? Spread the love around! Once again, here’s the download link.


And finally! We wrap up this little party post with a look to the future and with a little teaser.

We’re not quite ready to give up the goods just yet. But, we did find this little graphic knocking about and thought we’d throw it out there. What on earth could it mean?


Hint – it’s our next printed anthology project. It’s a blast from the past and there will be plenty of familiar names upon the table of contents. Some of the downright baddest of asses we have ever featured come back from our secret hidden vault with some of the best, and some of the most controversial, stories we ran here in the early days of our operations.

More to come soon.

And that, people, was twenty thirteen.

We are excited for twenty fourteen.

Hope you are too.

Kill the motherfucking sun!


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