Tendencies – getting the word out!

logoOur latest anthology project has been available for a little while now, and we’ve had some awesome feedback coming in for it. We couldn’t resist sharing some of it here.

First up, Canadian author, Chris Lewis Carter, the man behind the Camp Myth project and a slew of fantastic short stories, had this to say about the collection:

“Solarcide prides itself on showcasing up-and-coming writers who aren’t afraid to push the envelope, and this collection proves why they’re quickly becoming my go-to source for hard-hitting fiction. A lot of collections claim to be “edgy,” or attempt to use shock value as a smoke and mirrors routine to distract you from the lack of depth between the covers, but the authors of Solarcidal Tendencies understand exactly how to grab your attention, make you smile, then break your heart.

The introduction by Richard Thomas sets the tone perfectly and from there you’re dropped face-first into “Perfectly Natural” by Jessica Leonard, which is a story so haunting and beautifully-written that I immediately had to read it again. No joke.Throw in work from more of my favorite indie voices, including Brandon Tietz, Gordon Highland, Rebecca Jones-Howe, and Andrea Taylor, and you’ve got one of the best collections of the year, hands down.”

If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, then here’s another review of the book, this time from UK author Jonny Gibbings, who’s novel Malice In Blunderland is one of the funniest and most batshit crazy things to see publication in recent years.

“Solarcidal Tendencies is a genuinely exceptional body of work and probably the best collection I have ever read. Collections I’ve often found seem to be genre specific and within the volume the writers can seem to attempt to be a winner, competing to stand out. What makes Solarcidal Tendencies so fantastic is how varied and amazing yet harmonious the context of the collection is. Yes – it is that good.

The quality of writing and writer is again exceptional. Within are names I know with talents I love already, surrounded by names I’ve never read and all with such ridiculous talent. The mixture of genre excites and each with superb delivery, it is like a lucky dip of brilliance, I felt so excited to see what the next short would bring I finished the volume at 4am.

I can’t name and review all, but just as a taster the volume opens with ‘Perfectly Natural’ by Jessica Leonard, a desperately bleak almost voyeuristic piece on motherhood that bruises you. As a parent I felt every word, and then boom! Bryan Howie & K.A. Hunter drop an atom bomb of the darkest comedy in ‘Horsepower’ that had me laughing so hard. The two couldn’t be further apart in genre, and each exceptional in their own craft. Brandon Tietz shows that he can reduce bizarro comedy to a short and it still be brilliantly funny as he always is. His piece ‘Carl’ is just fecking superb. Andrea Taylor takes the reader to a sinister and dark place with ‘Year of the Pig’ that has you holding your breath. Then there other shorts that are painfully beautiful in both craft and narrative; Renee Pickup delivers, as she always does, pure distilled tension that only she can do, ‘A Lady on the Streets’ is like hiding under a table when a relationship explodes. ‘Distance from Daddy’ by Rebecca Jones-Howe was plain beautiful and painful all at the same time, stripped back, raw and emotional, if you are a father you will feel and fear every word. The whole volume is stunning and gifts you alternative perspectives, Ben Tanzer’s jaded view ‘Something Special’ flips the hero theory and brilliantly gives you a view of the long term.

Solarcidal Tendencies is a wonderful, bleak, hilarious, beautiful, insightful, dark, bizarre, and tense volume of exceptional talent. There isn’t one weak link.”

Many thanks to Chris and Jonny for the kind words. Many thanks indeed.

In addition to these reviews, Solarcide co-editor Martin Garrity was a recent guest at the blog of Brit Grit master, Paul D. Brazill. The short interview looks at Solarcidal Tendencies, as well as some other fun stuff.

We love this collection, so naturally we are delighted by this feedback. And we bestow many graditudes upon each and every reader that checks the project out.

Rock on, folks. See you again soon!


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