After the sleep of winter…


….the sun, our mortal foe, is gathering its forces of bedazzlement once more. And so we must gather our own forces to meet him.

Something like that, anyhow.

We are back!! After a quiet few months the band is getting back together. Life has been full of crazy times for the two of us. Many things good, some just great, and yes, a few bad too. We come out the other end sharper though, our pitchfork prongs more honed, ready to stab that evil Sol right in his ass.

2015 is on. We hope to have a blast.

Some things are going to be different. No getting away from that. There will be a slight rejigging of the page layout, so if you spot any anomalies in the next week or two, please assume we are on the case. Content wise – we still plan on having a host of awesome guest authors appear here, but we will no longer be open to public submissions for fiction. We still plan on bringing you a whole slew of great words, but the single-slot-per-month gig is no more. It was a fun experiment while it lasted. We learned a lot, got to talk to a bunch of new folks, some of whom really were awesome to work with. But nothing may last forever. We return now to an invitation model with a confidence about us that this is the best thing for the site, the best thing for ourselves, and the best way to ensure this grand old ship keeps it course, dead set toward the sun with pitchfork in hand.

Forward your eyes, please! 2015 is a new year, with new goals, and hopefully new achievements.

Keep your beady eyes peeled, because there will be new content here before you know it.

Flash Me! TDVP2

First on our horizons is a return for our flash fiction darling, the shockingly upfront and in-your-face gig known as Flash Me!

The short but sweet monster has been snarling our way of late, begging to be let loose once more. And really, wouldn’t it be rude of us to ignore?

Flash Me!: The Devil’s Variety Performance is a collection of five flash pieces written by some good friends of ours, including a new piece from one of our long time favorites, Rebecca Jones-Howe, alongside authors such as Pantheon Magazine’s Matt Garcia and horror author Bob Pastorella.

It’s going to be a grand way to rouse this sleepy beast.

And of course there is more stuff to come. Big stuff. Sparkly, totally fucking exciting stuff.

We slumber no more.

Rock on, folks. Kill the sun.


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