The Devil Has All The Best Songs!

Flash Me! TDVP2

Today a brand new special guest feature, our first of 2015, goes live. You might remember a while back we brought together a flash fiction project which climaxed with the release of a book called The Sinthology. You might have been mistaken into thinking the flashing was over. You would be wrong.

Today, Flash Me! rises again, this time on the darkest of wings. The Devil’s Variety Performance is a group of five flash fiction pieces, each around a thousand words, written by users of the LitDemon forum and collated here for your viewing pleasure. The unifying theme this time – the Devil himself.

We’ve five great authors on the bill, including a couple of people we’ve secretly been wanting to feature for ages. Another couple of checks on the most-wanted list for us! Bob Pastorella, Ali Abbas, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Bill Tucker, and Matt Garcia are the authors in the line-up. Rebecca and Bill we welcome back, they are veterans of our crusade against the sun. Bob, Ali, and Matt we are happy to have here for the first time.

No need for any more glossolalic blabbing from me. Let these cretinous folk entertain you.

Are you seated comfortable upon our obsidian pews? Got your bottle of blood and your big tub of knucklebones to chew on? Good, because the lights just went down.

This is The Devil’s Variety Performance.







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