Sweet Revenge and Top Soil


After too bloody long on the back burner, Corridors is back in the front of the oven. The next feature project from Martin Garrity and Solarcide, a debut collection of short stories, flash fiction, and hack poems from the site co-coordinator, will be ready to see light under the coming moons.

There have been more than a few bumps in the road on this particular journey. But it is nearly ready now and as humble penance for the delay a new preview story from the collection can be read online right now here at Solarcide. Sweet Revenge and top Soil is a tale of insanity and revenge. It is also a story about a guy who hates his neighbour’s dog. It’s very much the kind of daft writing that will be infecting many of the pages in Corridors.

If you care to, you can read Sweet Revenge and Top Soil here.

Many sincere thanks to all who check it out. If it does peak your interest, then a few other cuts from the forthcoming book can be read at various fine homes around the internet. If you follow this link, all of the available preview stories can be found.

Honestly! The book is coming soon. Soon. For real.

All the best and rock on!



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