Dog Killer Released


Solarcide’s Co-Editor In Crime from the South Returns—Nathan Pettigrew’s Acclaimed Story “Dog Killer” Is Featured in State of Horror: Louisiana Volume 2—Available Now from Charon Coin Press.

Dog Killer” Placed Among the Top 5 Winners and Finalists of the Writer’s Digest Eighth Annual Popular Fiction Awards for the Crime Category.

“Dog Killer” Is Also the Prequel to Nathan’s Story “Wakey Wake”—Featured In Thuglit Issue #3, and the Follow-Up to “Roland The Conqueror”—Which DarkMedia Named One of Their Most Popular Pieces of Original Horror Fiction To Date When It First Appeared.


Fans of Horror and Crime Should Dig All Three—“Dog Killer” Is Available In Paperback and Digital through Barnes&Noble, Amazon, itunes / iBooks, and Kobo—All Editions Are Linked from the Charon Coin Press Website here.



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