Fancy Something to Read?


Good day, all!

Today we publish our newest guest author short story and today we’re happy to have a long time friend of ours here for you to read. We’ve known Renee Asher Pickup for a few years now, we got to know her through workshop sites, and since then we’ve read her work in competitions, we’ve listen to her podcasts, and we featured her in an anthology. She is a fine writer. Today we feature a story that originated from one of those competitions we mentioned, a haunting story that draws on a real life event. (follow the link at the end of the story if you want to compound the uncomfortable tragedy of it)


This is The Grand Finale.

Have a read, spread the word, and as always, rock on.

But wait, don’t go just yet.


You might have seen the post here recently about Solarcide’s very own Nathan Pettigrew‘s latest publication with the guys at State of Horror with his brand new story Dog Killer. Well, the good times don’t end there for our sun hunting comrade. At this link you can find Nathan’s very first author interview, which ties in perfectly with his recent publication.

Congrats and many pitchforks to the devilish one.


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