The Cold Is Coming

The Killer Priest Is Coming! The Pre-Sale for Cold London Blues by Paul D. Brazill is happening now through and Waterstones.

‘A killer priest is on the rampage across London and an egotistical Hollywood action movie star is out for revenge when is his precious comic book collection is stolen.Meanwhile, gangster Marty Cook’s dreams of going legit swiftly turn pear shaped when one of his bouncers accidentally kills one of his salsa club’s regular customers.Razor sharp wisecracks, gaudy characters and even gaudier situations abound in Cold London Blues, a violent and pitch-black Brit Grit comedy of errors.’

Caffeine Nights Publishing will release the novel this summer. Get caught up on the works of Paul D. Brazill in the meantime right here, or check out his author page at Amazon.

Also be on the lookout for The Last Laugh—the author’s upcoming crime collection from All Due Respect Books.


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