The Mud Jury by T. Fox Dunham


The Mud Jury is our latest guest feature at Solarcide—a surreal and deadly kayak trip from author T. Fox Dunham.

Beware of ferocious seagulls, killer crabs, and the unrelenting power of mud.

Justice is served in The Mud Jury—Read it Here and Enjoy!


The Red Tie and More


My new story “The Red Tie” is featured in the latest issue of Stoneboat.

Stoneboat 7.2 “Beyond Red and Blue: Voices for America“ is a special issue of the literary journal dealing with the current political divide in our country. My story “The Red Tie” sees a family torn apart when a young man loses the trust of his mother over political and social differences.

Other news: my story DWDC appears in the NASTY anthology from the folks at Flash Fiction Online, and the anthology is spotlighted in an article at Rolling Stone.

The support of those who visit this site is very much appreciated, and I’m thrilled that it’s still going after these past six years.

On our featured story front? Submissions for April have closed and we will be going live with a new story soon. Check back toward the end of the month.

Nathan Pettigrew

Too Many Crooks: An Interview with Paul D. Brazill


Crime Fiction at its Finest!

Paul D. Brazill has stories published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 8, 10 and 11 – alongside the likes of Lee Child, Ian Rankin and Neil Gaiman.

His books include Guns Of Brixton, The Last Laugh, A Case Of Noir, and Kill Me Quick!

His latest novels are Too Many Crooks and Cold London Blues—which we discuss with the author in our interview. Read it here!

Night in New Orleans—Out Now!


The new Night in New Orleans anthology from FunDead Publications is Available Now through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Night in New Orleans features my story “The Farewell Quarter” —a Crime and Horror tale about a young man running from a dark and tragic secret—but all secrets are exposed in the French Quarter when our protagonist crosses paths with a psychic gypsy and an unhinged stranger.

More Stories Coming Soon. Stay Tuned and Thanks for the Support…

Nathan Pettigrew

A Man’s Last Shit


Welcome to Solarcide 2017—when the world has gone to shit.

We’re proud to present our first guest feature of the year, by author Mário de Seabra Coelho.

His work has appeared at Strange Horizons, and now he comes to Solarcide with his latest story, “Men Who Shit.”

A man’s daughter is murdered. The world has been destroyed. What’s a man to do?

Find out here—and Enjoy!

Bite Into Her: An Interview with Sara Dobie Bauer



The Solarcide Interview Returns!

We’re psyched to talk with Sara Dobie Bauer about her new novel, Bite SomebodyAvailable Now through World Weaver Press at Amazon and other great places listed on the author’s website.

A comedic take on vampires and romance, Bite Somebody introduces readers to a motley crew that you can root for, laugh with, and follow down the rabbit hole created by Sara Dobie Bauer.

Be sure to check it out, and read our interview with the author here.

Bite Somebody Now!


At last! The Debut Novel from Sara Dobie Bauer, Bite Somebody, is Out Now through World Weaver Press.

“Do you want to be perfect?”

That’s what Danny asked Celia the night he turned her into a vampire. Three months have passed since, and immortality didn’t transform her into the glamorous, sexy vamp she was expecting, but left her awkward, lonely, and working at a Florida gas station. On top of that, she’s a giant screw-up of an immortal, because the only blood she consumes is from illegally obtained hospital blood bags.

What she needs to do–according to her moody vampire friend Imogene–is just … bite somebody. But Celia wants her first bite to be special, and she has yet to meet Mr. Right Bite. Then, Ian moves in next door. His scent creeps through her kitchen wall and makes her nose tingle, but insecure Celia can’t bring herself to meet the guy face-to-face.

When she finally gets a look at Ian’s cyclist physique, curly black hair, and sun-kissed skin, other parts of Celia tingle, as well. Could he be the first bite she’s been waiting for to complete her vampire transformation? His kisses certainly have a way of making her fangs throb.

Just when Celia starts to believe Ian may be the fairy tale ending she always wanted, her jerk of a creator returns to town, which spells nothing but trouble for everyone involved.

Bite Somebody is available through AmazonBarnes & Noble, Goodreads, iTunes/Apple iBooksKobo, and OmniLit among other stores.

Be Sure to Come Back Soon for the Solarcide Interview with Sara Dobie Bauer…