Featured Story for August: Tusks by Paul Goat Allen

The man is no stranger to fiction. Professional Reviewer and Author Paul Goat Allen comes to Solarcide and gives us “Tusks”—Our Final Guest Story for the summer.

While we’re temporarily closing to submissions to continue our promotion of Solarcidal Tendencies, we’re excited to see our monthly stories go out on a high note with Paul Goat Allen’s latest. Readers should eat this one up and can check out “Tusks” right here.

Enjoy, Comment, Share and Be Sure To Kill The Sun!

June’s Guest Feature: “The Youngest Brother” by Sara Dobie Bauer

So girl walks into a bar and … Wait. Undercover female assassin walks into a bar and spots her mark. She’s been hired to seduce and kill Duncan Sadler on the day of his father’s funeral. His older brother wants him dead for reasons unclear. But who’s playing who at the Sphinx Bar?”

“The Youngest Brother” is noir crime fiction from award-winning author, prison volunteer, and Ohio University alum Sara Dobie Bauer.

Solarcide is honored to bring the author’s work to readers for our return to the Monthly Guest Story after a short break to prep for our upcoming 3rd Anniversary.

We thank our readers for your support and Sara Dobie Bauer for sharing her latest with Solarcide.

Read “The Youngest Brother” Here.


Paul D. Brazill and Lyric McKnight are the Winners of the Mardi Gras Murder Giveaway—Congratulations to both!!

Mardi Gras Murder features 13 New Crime Tales set around the biggest and craziest party of the year. Solarcide thanks Mystery and Horror, LCC for allowing us to participate in the giveaway, and we also thank our readers for the continued support.

The Mardi Gras Murder anthology is on sale now in Paperback through Barnes&Noble and Amazon, and for Kindle through Amazon. Just click on the blue for direct links, and for all of those celebrating on Tuesday, be safe and be sure to have enough fun to last until next Year!

Mardi Gras Murder and Book Giveaway

A New Crime Tale from Nathan Pettigrew is featured in the Mardi Gras Murder anthology released this past week.

13 New Stories appear in the anthology from such authors as Marian Allen, Harriette Sackler, and Debra H. Goldstein to name just a few. “Krewe of Bayou Black” is the name of Nathan’s story, in which a young thief goes head to head with a local crime lord during the craziest time of the southern year.

The Paperback edition is available through Barnes & Noble here, and through Amazon at this location, where you can also find the Kindle edition

Mardi Gras Murder is brought to you by Mystery and Horror, LLC (MAHLLC)—the indie press that released the acclaimed Ha! Ha! Horror Volume 1 joke book by MonsterMatt Patterson before Christmas.

Solarcide is also excited to announce that we’re celebrating this year’s carnival season with a Mardi Gras Murder Giveaway!

Participants will have a chance to win a Free Copy of Mardi Gras Murder –courtesy of the generous folks at MAHLLC—and 2 winners will be announced.

Those who “like” the new facebook page for MAHLLC here will be entered into the drawing. Or you can visit the MAHLLC site and “like” the Solarcide facebook page from there to be entered into the drawing as well.

Those who have already liked MAHLLC and Solarcide on facebook will also be eligible.

More Updates To Come…

Solarcide Returns!

We enjoyed the month off while celebrating this year’s Halloween Season, as well as Solarcide’s newest release, “Flash Me! The Sinthology,” which is now available in paperback here, but it’s a new month, and it’s back to business for us as we present our monthly guest feature for November, titled “Footsteps of the Dragon“—courtesy of author Eric Del Carlo.

Mr. Del Carlo has stories featured through Asimov’s and Shimmer among other great places, including the recently released Splatterlands anthology from Grey Matter Press.

Solarcide is happy to present his newest story, “Footsteps of the Dragon,” which you can read without further ado right here. Enjoy!

Looking To The Strange, The Sad, and The Funny: July’s Guest Feature

Nice guys definitely finish last in our newest guest story—or should we say patient guys finish last?

Solarcide is happy to bring you our monthly guest feature for July, which comes from author James L. Steele.

Slightly more bizarre than Bizarro, “The Patient Man” offers something for those with a twisted sense of humor, and also for fans of the unusual and unforgettable.

Now Live, You Can Read “The Patient Man” by James L. Steele Right Here.

And Be Sure To Visit Again In August when we’ll be making some big and exciting announcements!

That Time of The Month!

Heads are separated from bodies in Solarcide’s New Guest Feature for June, titled “We Have Always Lived In Our Heads” by Novelist, English Professor and Music Journalist of 18 years, the one and only Mr. Alex S. Johnson.

The author makes his Solarcide debut with a short story that’s part Bizarro, part Sci-Fi, but engaging and memorable all around—Readers can check out “We Have Always Lived In Our Heads” right here.


The Rise and Fury of The Cajun Coyote


The New Issue of Bête Noire Magazine Is Out! Bête Noire #11 features a killer new short from Nathan Pettigrew that introduces the deadly Cajun Coyote—A Wedding Crasher of the hairiest kind!

Bête Noire #11 will be available here on Amazon soon through Dark Opus Press, but Can Be Purchased Now Directly Through The Bête Noire Website right here.

You Won’t Want To Miss This One If You Dig A Good Werewolf Story—Bête Noire brings you the best in dark fiction!

Winner In Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards—Crime Category

Solarcide author and editor Nathan Pettigrew is named among this year’s Top 5 Winners and Finalists in the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards for Crime stories.

Nathan’s story “Dog Killer” is announced as a top five entry in the current issue of Writer’s Digest (May/June 2013)—On Sale Now through Barnes&Noble in both print and on Nook.


Cool Side Note: While “Dog Killer” works well as a standalone feature, the story is set before the events that take place in Nathan’s story “Wakey Wake,” which appears in Thuglit Issue Three—released earlier this year and still on sale in both print and digital at this location.

More updates and stories to come…