Nova Parade

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Out now for Amazon Kindle – Nova Parade is the debut anthology release by Solarcide. It features an array of talent from up-and-coming authors of dark fiction and bizarro.

Nova Parade is a festival of theatrics. An offering to two of the great powers of art, tragedy and comedy. This anthology is a twisted helix of stories that will lead you on a journey through many strange landscapes. It will introduce you to characters you will adore, and to characters that will appall you.

These are stories to be read beneath a dying sun.

There are ghosts. Monsters. There are jesters and there are nightmares.

There’s sex, drugs, and there’s violence.

Horror and hilarity, bizarro and sci-fi and all kinds of trangressive voodoo.There’s a whole lot of great fun. This collection will wound you, but hey, then it will make you laugh. It’s a NOVA PARADE, BABY!

Let’s ride this carnival all the way to the sun.

Let’s kill the bastard!


Richard Thomas – On A Bent Nail Head
Martin Garrity – Walking On Water
Bryan Howie – Tides
Bradley Sands – Giant Monster Attack!
Nathan Pettigrew – Today Our Future Is Born
Tony Rauch – That’s Where Your Real Parents Live
Rebecca Jones-Howe – Blue Hawaii
Andrez Bergen – An Octopus’ Grotto Is His Castle
Jessica Taylor – Just A Man
Paul D. Brazill – Catch As Catch Can
Chris Lewis Carter – Kill Screen
Amanda Gowin – Charlotte & Jolene: How To Make A Baby
Michael Paul Gonzalez – Ingénue
Fritz Wolfe – Jack?
Jay Slayton-Joslin – Awkward Mornings Beat Long Lonely Nights
Chester Pane – Dreadlocks™
Joshua D. Moyes – A Stronger Family
Nikki Guerlain – King Neptune Sucks Off The World’s Largest Potato!
Caleb J. Ross – Vertigo Unbalanced
Phil Jourdan – Vomit As A Talent
Laurance Kitts – Poetry
Clint Rhodes – ATTN: Human Resources
Dakota Taylor – A Day In The Life
Jeremy Robert Johnson – The Brilliant Idea
W. P. Johnson Cold Heart


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