Click Tock! Flash fiction action with Andrez Bergen


Good day! We are chuffed today because we have a brand new guest author post to present to you fine ladies and gents.

Flash fiction is the order of the day, and Andrez Bergen‘s particular brand of noir is the flavour. We’ve featured Andrez before, in interviews and as part of our Nova Parade collection. He’s been one our favorite authors for a good few years now. The man can write with a style all of his own

Click Tock is a quick and dirty tale. About a hat. A grey felt fedora, to be precise.

Don it, tip it, check it out right here.

Rock on, folks!



Sweet Revenge and Top Soil


After too bloody long on the back burner, Corridors is back in the front of the oven. The next feature project from Martin Garrity and Solarcide, a debut collection of short stories, flash fiction, and hack poems from the site co-coordinator, will be ready to see light under the coming moons.

There have been more than a few bumps in the road on this particular journey. But it is nearly ready now and as humble penance for the delay a new preview story from the collection can be read online right now here at Solarcide. Sweet Revenge and top Soil is a tale of insanity and revenge. It is also a story about a guy who hates his neighbour’s dog. It’s very much the kind of daft writing that will be infecting many of the pages in Corridors.

If you care to, you can read Sweet Revenge and Top Soil here.

Many sincere thanks to all who check it out. If it does peak your interest, then a few other cuts from the forthcoming book can be read at various fine homes around the internet. If you follow this link, all of the available preview stories can be found.

Honestly! The book is coming soon. Soon. For real.

All the best and rock on!


Solarcidal Tendencies – updates!


Bon jour and guten tag. Some updates to post about today regarding our Solarcidal Tendencies anthology. Previously a paperback-only release, the collection is now available from the Amazon Kindle store too.

And, of course, as part of our January sale the book is currently available for mega-discounted prices. For the next week or so the book is still less than $5 or £4 for the paperback, $1.50 or £0.99 for the Kindle file.

Tendencies features sixteen slices of dark fiction by some awesome authors and friends of ours, such as Ben Tanzer, Brandon Tietz, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Axel Taiari, and Garrett Cook. It’s a bargain at the sale price.

But don’t take our word for it, you can take a look for yourself. Until the sale ends we are featuring two of the stories from the book online. Perfectly Natural by Jessica Leonard is the opening story from the collection, and it offers a very different viewpoint of the miraculous experience of childbirth. Then ‘Burgatory, by Gordon Highland, takes us beyond the veil. To New York City.

If you have been wondering about the book but hadn’t yet been swayed, then take a gander at these two fine yarns. There’s plenty more where these came from.

Click here to read Perfectly Natural by Jessica Leonard.

Click here to read ‘Burgatory by Gordon Highland.

You can also read the introduction to the anthology by Richard Thomas here.

Rock on, folks. Look out for more new updates in coming weeks. Plenty on the horizon.

A friend of our wrote a book…

kp..and we think everybody should read it.

Whilst we were having our snoozy winter break, a good friend of ours named Jay Slayton-Joslin went and published his first book, a poetry collection called Kicking prose. Available now from Amazon for a very reasonable price indeed, just follow the links below.

Jay is a good guy, we’ve known him since before this site even launched. His work has been featured in a couple of our anthology gigs and you can read a short story of his called Bordello right here on the site.

Rock on, Jay.

You can find Kicking Prose here (US) and here (UK).

The Devil Has All The Best Songs!

Flash Me! TDVP2

Today a brand new special guest feature, our first of 2015, goes live. You might remember a while back we brought together a flash fiction project which climaxed with the release of a book called The Sinthology. You might have been mistaken into thinking the flashing was over. You would be wrong.

Today, Flash Me! rises again, this time on the darkest of wings. The Devil’s Variety Performance is a group of five flash fiction pieces, each around a thousand words, written by users of the LitDemon forum and collated here for your viewing pleasure. The unifying theme this time – the Devil himself.

We’ve five great authors on the bill, including a couple of people we’ve secretly been wanting to feature for ages. Another couple of checks on the most-wanted list for us! Bob Pastorella, Ali Abbas, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Bill Tucker, and Matt Garcia are the authors in the line-up. Rebecca and Bill we welcome back, they are veterans of our crusade against the sun. Bob, Ali, and Matt we are happy to have here for the first time.

No need for any more glossolalic blabbing from me. Let these cretinous folk entertain you.

Are you seated comfortable upon our obsidian pews? Got your bottle of blood and your big tub of knucklebones to chew on? Good, because the lights just went down.

This is The Devil’s Variety Performance.






January sale! Dirty deeds done cheap!


On the back of yesterday’s announcement of our awakening from winter hibernation, another thing to get excited about!

We’re having a January sale!

That’s right, just like your favorite department store, we’ve got the big flashing signs up. It’s a Sun-killing, pitchfork-weilding money-off bonanza.

For the rest of the month our babies, our full length anthology projects, are reduced in price over at the various Amazon sites. If you haven’t checked these books out yet, then there will never be a better time.

Right now our paperback books are listed for less than five dollars each. Or less than four quid if you’re UK-based. Kindle versions of our older anthologies are reduced too, to less than two dollars USD, or ninety-nine pence for UK readers.

 Solarcidal Tendencies (1)First and foremost amongst our anthologies is our biggest project to date. Solarcidal Tendencies is a marriage of the weird and the wonderful, the comical and the grotesque. Visions, plagues, angels. A different view of the miracle of birth. bestiality farms, departing souls, talking cold-sores, and of course, elder gods. All of this and more can found within these pages.

Featuring headline names such as:

Ben Tanzer, author of Lucky Man, Lost in Space, and You Can Make Him Like You.

Brandon Tietz, author of Good Sex, Great Prayers,

Garrett Cook, author of Time Pimp and Jimmy Plush: Teddy Bear Detective,

Rebecca Jones-Howe, author of the forthcoming collection, Vile Men,

and Gordon Highland, author of Flashover and Major Inversions.

This anthology is our proudest moment thus far. It features sixteen works in all, and includes an introduction by the prolific author and Dark House Press head honcho, Richard Thomas. If you check out just one of our feature projects, then make it this one. It’s a crazy ride, and a whole lot of fun.

You can buy Solarcidal Tendencies here (US) and here (UK)


Also on sale is Flash Me!: The Sinthology, our decadent flash fiction collection. Twenty six wicked little word plays, sinful stories, and promiscuous prose poems.

You may have read in our update yesterday that Flash Me! will be making a little comeback this month. Well, if you want to see what came before, where the devilish little project has been before, then check out this book. Featuring authors and friends of ours such as Shannon Barber, Sean Leonard, Bryan Howie, Rebecca Jones-Howe, and Michael J. Riser, this is one indulgent little volume.

You can buy The Sinthology here (US) and here (UK)

Many thanks to all who check these books out. They were a lot of fun to make, we hope they are as much fun to read.

After the sleep of winter…


….the sun, our mortal foe, is gathering its forces of bedazzlement once more. And so we must gather our own forces to meet him.

Something like that, anyhow.

We are back!! After a quiet few months the band is getting back together. Life has been full of crazy times for the two of us. Many things good, some just great, and yes, a few bad too. We come out the other end sharper though, our pitchfork prongs more honed, ready to stab that evil Sol right in his ass.

2015 is on. We hope to have a blast.

Some things are going to be different. No getting away from that. There will be a slight rejigging of the page layout, so if you spot any anomalies in the next week or two, please assume we are on the case. Content wise – we still plan on having a host of awesome guest authors appear here, but we will no longer be open to public submissions for fiction. We still plan on bringing you a whole slew of great words, but the single-slot-per-month gig is no more. It was a fun experiment while it lasted. We learned a lot, got to talk to a bunch of new folks, some of whom really were awesome to work with. But nothing may last forever. We return now to an invitation model with a confidence about us that this is the best thing for the site, the best thing for ourselves, and the best way to ensure this grand old ship keeps it course, dead set toward the sun with pitchfork in hand.

Forward your eyes, please! 2015 is a new year, with new goals, and hopefully new achievements.

Keep your beady eyes peeled, because there will be new content here before you know it.

Flash Me! TDVP2

First on our horizons is a return for our flash fiction darling, the shockingly upfront and in-your-face gig known as Flash Me!

The short but sweet monster has been snarling our way of late, begging to be let loose once more. And really, wouldn’t it be rude of us to ignore?

Flash Me!: The Devil’s Variety Performance is a collection of five flash pieces written by some good friends of ours, including a new piece from one of our long time favorites, Rebecca Jones-Howe, alongside authors such as Pantheon Magazine’s Matt Garcia and horror author Bob Pastorella.

It’s going to be a grand way to rouse this sleepy beast.

And of course there is more stuff to come. Big stuff. Sparkly, totally fucking exciting stuff.

We slumber no more.

Rock on, folks. Kill the sun.

Don’t Ball the Boss

Solarcide Favorite Sara Dobie Bauer keeps ‘em coming—her short “Don’t Ball the Boss” is featured in The Stoneslide Corrective.

““Don’t Ball the Boss” is a whopper of a good time. If you’re offended by homosexuality, cussing, or super hot British actors, do not read. This hilarious and irreverent short story is featured in The Stoneslide Corrective, and I dedicate every word to the adoring Cumber Collective and/or my Cumberbitches (depending on how you identify). Definitely rated R.” –SDB

Enjoy It Here.

Then read about the aftermath Here.

The author also recently published “How It Died” through Blank Fiction Magazine’s latest Horror Issue.

All Things Sara Dobie Bauer: Purveyor of laughter, love, and satire since 1982.