Martin Garrity


Martin was born and lives in Mansfield, England. He is a graduate of  Human Psychology BSc (Hons) who studied at De Montfort University in Leicester, England. He is an fan of dark and curious literature, a heavy metal geek, and occasionally, other things too. He works as a surgical ward support worker in a busy hospital and dreams of the day he might earn a living from reading and writing and rocking out.

Feel free to leave him comments here or to look him up on Facebook.

He would like that very much.


Coming via Solarcide sometime in the not-too-distant future.

The debut collection of original fiction from Solarcide co-editor, Martin Garrity.

A maelstrom of dark and peculiar tales, an oddball exhibition of short stories, flash fiction, and broken poetry.



What they’re saying:



Available stories.

Some of the stories in Corridors are already available to read in various excellent publications. If you want to preview the collection, and support some great sites at the same time, then feel free to take a gander at the links below.

PULPLOGOGodlings @ Pulp Metal Magazine (Online)

cow_anatomyThis City Is Not Noah’s Ark @ Cease, Cows (Online)

mini faces 2Walking On Water @ Solarcide Presents: Nova Parade (Amazon Kindle)

thunderSpace Stompers @ Thunderdome Magazine (Online)

PULPLOGOCorridors @ Pulp Metal Magazine (Online)



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