Guidelines Update

HandcuffsOur Submissions Period for February is Closed. Check Back in May and Please Read Our Guidelines Carefully.

Our Latest Release,  Solarcidal Tendencies—A Best Of Collection Celebrating Our First 3 Years of Solarcide is Available Here.


We Thank You for Your Continued Interest and Support. Kill The Sun 😉



Our two editors have names that are very easy to find on both the front and “about” pages.

Any submission received with a cover letter or email body starting “Dear Editor(s)” will be rejected without a response.

That said, submissions during open calls should be sent to Title your submission email in the following manner:

General Submission – Story Title (word count) – Author Name.

Please include a cover letter within your submission email, letting us know a little about you and your story. Talk to us. We don’t bite.

Previously published material is not what we’re looking for. Work should be submitted as a .doc attachment to the submission email. Stories in other file-types or contained in the body of an email will not be read.

All manuscripts should be formatted* in Times New Roman font size 12, should be double-spaced, and passage endings should be marked by a single hash mark (#).

*note – if unusual formatting plays a part in your story (such as multiple fonts, coloured text, anything else weird and wonderful) then feel free to deviate from the guidelines here, but please inform us in your submission email.

Word count is 1000 to 3000 words.

Solarcide pays a flat rate of $50 (U.S.) for each featured story.

Content guidelines are purposely vague, as we like to read and publish a wide variety of genres and styles. One thing to bear in mind, though, is that we like our fiction dark, and we like it weird. If you think your work fits either (or maybe even both) of these descriptions, then it might well be up our street. We look forward to reading it.



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