Special Guests

This part of the site is where some of our good friends and fellow authors sign up for service in our war with the sun. Over the past few years, many great writers have been kind enough to lend us their words, and below you can find links that will take you on all kinds of incredible adventures.

To the authors we have featured and to those we will feature in the future – many thanks, you guys and gals are amazing. To any readers that might enjoy something they do read here – please, take a moment to follow the author up, see if they have anything else out there you might like, maybe check them out on your preferred social media outlet of choice. writing communities thrive when people follow the bunny down the tunnel.

Click the links below to read each of the special guest features.

teriRoom 3327
by Teri Skultety

Inside the mind and final days of Nikola Tesla.

by Richard Thomas

We each have our own stones to roll.

reneeThe Grand Finale
by Renee Ashe Pickup

Inspired by a true story. A sad story.

andrezClick Tock
by Andrez Bergen

Flash fiction noir. Featuring a very stylish hat.

Flash Me! TDVP2Flash Me! The Devil’s Variety Performance
featuring Bob Pastorella
Ali-Abbas Ali
Rebecca Jones-Howe
Bill Tucker

& Matt Garcia

A flash fiction feature of the most diabolical nature

sdbThe Youngest Brother
by Sara Dobie Bauer

Who’s got the drop on whom?


by Paul Goat Allen

Sex and drugs in the summer of love

SlaneySmall Acts of Rebellion
by Emily Slaney

Bittersweets and suicide Barbie dolls.

humanFootsteps of the Dragon
by Eric Del Carlo

Becoming monsters.

The Patient Man
by James L. Steele

Good thing come to those who wait.

by Hannah Lackoff

Swim past the rock. See the shimmer.

j-s-wattswebsiteAccumulating Filth
by J.S. Watts

Get your hands dirty.

by Robin Wyatt Dunn

Dance. Because they ARE watching.

bradleyThe Dominator
by Bradley Sands

NO ONE beats up Colt Dixon

by Terasa Skultety

Lightning in the dust bowl.

City Lines
by Terence Kuch

You can draw a line, or you can cross it.

Pefectly Balanced
by Terasa Skultety

The hammer felt so good in my hand.

Apple Game
by Bryan Howie

The real reason to learn your A, B, C’s.

The War
by Lisa McCormack

Family values and a shotgun.

Curtain Cape
by Davis Bobis


by Jay Slayton-Joslin

Sometimes a joke is all it takes.

Lawn Girl
by Ben Tanzer

An excerpt chapter from Ben’s novella, My Father’s House.

by Laramore Black

A mini collection of weird and wonderful word-play.

The Tooth Fairy
by Dakota Taylor

Sometimes things are more than they seem.

Loose Strings
by Mike Frounfelter

Memories are in turmoil in this quality piece of creative non fiction.



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