Flashy Updates & Vault Deposits


As you may know, we are currently calling for submissions for our next anthology – lovingly dubbed Flash Me! the Sinthology. Well, we have a quick update regarding this project and the deadlines for submissions.

We have received some excellent work so far. Many people have sent us work (and it’s great to see new names and old friends alike amongst the subs) and those people should soon be receiving their responses.

We do, however, want to see more. There’s a thirst here that is not quite quenched. We want more sin, more decadence, and more flashing. As a result the deadline for submissions to this project is being extended from the end of this month, to the end of March. That’s a whole extra month for you to open up that literary rain coat and show us your grizzly bits.

This is going to be one decadent anthology.

You should pull up your stockings and crotchless pants and join us.

Check out the submissions guidelines here.


Also in the news this week – another deposit of stories to our vault of fun. Bringin’ it back with a literary attack this week are some of our very good friends.

Bryan Howie, with his tale of the nuances of modern womanhood.

Terasa Skultety, with a story about lightning storms in a dust bowl.


Terence Kuch, with a ditty about lines, and how to cross them.

Get em’ while the getting’s good!

bh beer

hat 1

Terence Kuch headshot


Three more for the vault.


January rolls to a close and out month of rebirth has been a resounding success.

Our new features have been pulling in plenty of attention and we have surpassed all our previous records for site traffic. Many thanks to everyone that checked us and our little relaunch out.

There will be lots more fun to come over the coming months! Look for a new guest story going up in February, and of course you should all be checking out the submissions page for our Flash Me! anthology.

For now, to see out the month, here are three more stories for the vault.

Alphabets, hammers, and shotguns.

Terasa Skultety, Bryan Howie, and Lisa McCormack.

A word party all round!

Kathrynbh beer


Five for The Vault

vaultOver the coming weeks will be bringing back some of the guest stories we ran over the past eighteen months. These stories will return to publication in our Vault.

The first batch of guest stories are now live.

Welcome to new and nostalgic eyes alike:

LAWN GIRL (Excerpt) by Ben Tanzer

An excerpt chapter from Ben’s novella, My Father’s House.

bh beer

TIGER, TIGER (Short story) by Bryan Howie

Who owns the story, he that tells it, or he that listens?

POETRY (Poems) by Laramore Black

A mini collection of weird and wonderful word-play.

THE TOOTH FAIRY (Short story) by Dakota Taylor

Sometimes things are more than they seem.

LOOSE STRINGS (Short story) by Mike Frounfelter

Memories are in turmoil in this quality piece of creative non fiction.