More June Updates


The birthday month celebrations continue with the final instalment of the Short Story Spotlight , which has featured a group of writers that have caught our eye with their short fiction work in recent times.


Last time round we had two authors of the most dark and occult fiction. This time, we have two wordsmiths of the finest hard-boiled noir and gritty crime stories. Nik Korpon and Paul D. Brazill. Both know their way around a literary dark alley. Find out how they do it at the links below.


Read Nik Korpon’s interview here.

Read Paul D. Brazill’s interview here.

And just before we go, a couple of reminders. First up, you should be keeping your eyes peeled for a brand new guest story coming to Solarcide soon. Our monthly story slot is seeing more interest than ever, and the submission are coming thick and fast. Check back soon to find out who we’ll be featuring this month.

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All the best, folks. See you again soon.



The Short Story Spotlight Continues

alexrichThe anniversarial celebrations continue at Solarcide with the next instalments of our Short Story Spotlight interview feature. This time around, we’re shooting the shit with two authors of most dark and sinister fiction, neo-noir guru, Richard Thomas, and the occult scribe Alex S. Johnson.

Both are very passionate about the world of short stories and had some great answers for our questions.

Check out Richard’s interview, here.

And check out Alex’s, here.


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We’ll be back after the weekend with the next instalments of the Short Story Spotlight, with authors Nik Korpon and Paul D. Brazill. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Rock on, folks!

June updates: Solarcide turns two! Short story spotlights and a great give-away.

Hey, all. Some really fun things to write about in this post. The start of June saw the second anniversary of Solarcide’s launch, and we weren’t going to let that pass without some bonus content to post here. Also, we have a great signed book give-away lined up to add some jazz to the proceedings.


logo3In the two years this site has been live, we have featured dozens of great short stories. Shorter fiction is what we do best and we certainly hope to continue that trend in the future. So, for our birthday celebrations, we decided to whip a batch of short story related questions around a few authors and allies who have impressed us in the past with their work within the smaller word counts.


Over the next week or so we shall post up the resulting spotlight interviews. We begin today with Stephen Graham Jones, an author we have followed here at Solarcide for a while now, and who continues to impress us with his prolific publications. Stephen has written more short stories than we have had hot dinners, and is the perfect guest to kick off the spotlight feature.

Check out his interview here.

Check back later in the week for spotlight interviews with other awesome writers, including Richard Thomas and Nik Korpon.


Stephen Graham Jones didn’t just hang around to join in with our short story spotlight. He is also our newest Facebook giveaway prize author. Two weeks from now, one lucky follower of our Facebook page will win a signed copy of a SGJ novel. All you gotta do to be in with a chance of winning is ‘like’ our page. It couldn’t be easier!

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June 18th, we shall announce the lucky subscriber.


And that, for now, is that. Check back in a few days for more short story spotlight interviews, with more great guests. Until then, rock out with SGJ, hit up the Facebook page for a chance to win that prize, and have a good time all round.

All the best, folks.