Forging on.

teslaHello again!

Welcome to the second installment of our September guest content. Last week we had Richard Thomas round these parts, did you catch that? Scroll down the main page for the link if you missed that one.

This week we’re welcoming back a bona-fide veteran Solarcidian. Teri Skultety has been featured by us a few times now, both on the site and in our anthology projects. She’s a good friend of ours and today we’re delighted to be posting a brand new and exclusive story, a tale that is quite unlike anything else we have published.

Room 3327 is a fictionalised account of the mind and final times of the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla. And of course, us being the website we are and Teri being the author she is, there’s a darker slant to proceedings. It’s a touching and yet harrowing piece.

teriCheck it out, show your support for Teri, and spread the work at this link right here.

We’re not through with the month yet, either. Next week we’ll have another good friend of ours, Jay Slayton-Joslin, here to entertain you. In addition, we’ll be announcing some fun and games for October. Keep your eyes out for that.

Until then, kill the sun.


Risen from the slumber.


There’s a rumbling down in the guts of this old engine. The vents cough once, twice, and then spit forth a stream of exhaust fume. The wheels grip, and traction gained, begin to spin.

That’s right, fine folk. Solarcide is back.

After a quiet summer (we hibernate at the wrong time of the year – it’s a sun thing, too damn bright and solar during the summer months) we are happy to announce our return. We’re looking towards a full schedule to take us through to deep winter, a schedule full of dark and weird words. There’ll be special guests abound, and the long-awaited and much delayed release of a project that has been WIP for a long time.

Feels good to be back.

There will be a competition or two along the way. Some flash fiction perhaps. We’ll be inviting a few of our friends to talk about their work. And there will be new fiction from the site’s court appointed custodians – Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew.


But don’t just take our word for all this. Let us lead with our money in our mouths. For we are kicking off our little revival with a brand new story from one of our favorite authors and one we have seen grow in status immensely since we first checked him out. He’s the author of the novels Disintegration and the forthcoming The Breaker, as well as being one of the best short story scribes we know. He also wrote a great introduction to our Solarcidal Tendencies anthology project.

RT facePut them together, folks, for Richard Thomas and his story Rapture. You can read that one right here.

In addition to this, we can confirm two other special guests that will be appearing over the course of September. Both long time friends of the site that we have published before and are honoured to feature again. Solarcide grew up with these two, featuring them again feels like meeting old buddies for lunch and a few (or more than a few) cocktails. Next week will see Terasa Skultety take to our stage with a very interesting story which considers the final days of the legendary scientist, Nicolas Tesla. And later in the month we’ll be meeting up with Jay Slayton-Joslin once more, who has another of his most peculiar tales in store for us.


That other big project we mentioned. The poorly kept secret that is Corridors grows ever closer to being ready for release. It has been a long time coming, we know this. So how about another peek inside, to prove the thing even exists? Before we went to bed for the summer we showcased one preview in Sweet Revenge and Top Soil. Well here’s another peek with Observational Hazard. It’s a rather daft flash piece with a sci-fi flavour. Sent back in time from another world, no less.


Towards the end of September we’ll be revealing some more of our plans. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the stories we have lined up.

It’s been too long, dear readers. Welcome back.

Kill the sun.

Small Acts of Rebellion by Emily Slaney


Our first guest story of 2014 is live. UK author, Emily Slaney, who has previously featured in our flash fiction project, The Sinthology, takes us for a bittersweet trip down memory lane with her story Small Acts of Rebellion.

Drink, drugs, and suicide Barbie dolls.

Pooh-sticks and broken dreams.

Check it out hereSlaney.

We’re back, and we have big news!

logoWe’re back, baby!

After a period of down-time to welcome in the new year, we have returned. Happenings around here are about to become more fun than ever.

We have a brand new, retro-funk design, and a new page layout to match recent changes around here, of which there are many. There are some very grand plans for 2013.

Where to start?


Possibly the biggest news, is our new strategy for guest story content. We will now be running a regular, monthly, guest story slot. We hope for this feature to become one of the most exciting online venues for short stories, and to up the ante on our end we will now be paying for guest content that is accepted.

That’s right, you can now earn a payday by sending us your work. We will pay $50 (USD) for every story we run. Only a single story will be selected each month, so bring your A-game if you’re thinking about hitting up this party!

The grizzly details on how to submit can be found in the Submissions Guidelines. We really look forward to seeing what comes our way.

And to kick things off on that front…


…our guest story for January is already live!

Year Of The Pig comes from a new face to these pages. In fitting style, Andrea Taylor actually makes her fiction publication debut to kick-start off our new monthly feature.

With the quality of this work, it’s hard to belive Andrea isn’t a household name already . We’re certain that this publication will not be her last.

It’s a dark one for sure. Check it out here.

We have also set up a page in our guest story section called The Vault, which will be the new home for some of the guest story content we ran over the past eighteen months. Look out for an update about this real soon.


That’s not all for the big announcements in this update. Following hot on the heels of last year’s Nova Parade anthology, we are delighted to announce our newest feature release project.


Are you ready to get dirty with us? Because over the coming weeks, we are accepting submissions for Flash Me! The Sinthology, featuring one of our closest friends and allies, Mr Chester Pane, (The Flash Assassin™) as co-editor.

Flash Me! has a proud history of written perversions, and we are very happy to be continuing its evolution with this bona-fide, flash extravaganza. It’s going to be a whole lot of filthy, decadent fun.

This project will also be our first foray into print format publishing, another milestone in our quest to wage war on the sun.

There is more information on this project here, and the specifics on submissions can be found here.

We hope for many of you to be joining us is shaming ourselves with this project.


Finally, some more news. Solarcide will, for the next batch of episodes, be the official sponsor of the Books and Booze podcast. The crew over there do great work, putting out informative, and sometimes hilarious, interviews with exciting special guests. They’re good friends of ours over there and it’s great to be working alongside them.

And that’s about all.

For now. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts later this month, including the filling of The Vault and the info on a tasty book give-away.

Rock on, fuckers. All the best,

Martin Garrity & Nathan Pettigrew