The Relaunch Continues


The 2013 relaunch of the site rolls on and the Solarcide authors gear for up for ever bigger, and ever better things. To continue the great vibe around the site this month, we have a couple more announcements.

The new author pages for the co-editors here are now fully live and up-to-date. Check them out under the “About ” tab.

John Spinx

First up Nathan Pettigrew offers you a chance to follow the white rabbit. In his author section you will find links to all of his online short stories, including several that follow the adventures of Roland Thomas from Bayou Black, the main character from Nathan’s WIP novel project. Look for Roland The Conqueror at DarkMedia for a highlight.

Right now Nathan is promoting a new story, Wakey Wake, which is published in the award-winning pages of Thuglit, available now at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

With more short story publications already confirmed for the future, Nathan is set to keep his hot-streak running way into the new year.


And then Martin Garrity gives a preview of the cover artwork for his short story collection, Corridors, set for publication by Solarcide in 2013.

Featuring dozens of short stories and flash fiction pieces, Corridors will be a cracked mirror to the world of the weird. Here’s what Paul D. Brazill, author of The Gumshoe, Guns Of Brixton, and 13 Shots Of Noir, had to say about the collection.

“The sharply sliced tales in Garrity’s CORRIDORS give an askew view of the world, a peek over the precipice of a dream, a glimpse into life’s dark corners.”

More blurbs can be found at the author page.


Not content with simply blowing our own horns in this announcement, we have more to share. Solarcide has teamed up with Bradley Sands, bizarro veteran and authors of titles such as Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy and Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You, for a great new book give-away.

To be in with a chance of winning a SIGNED copy of Bradley’s latest book, TV Snorted My Brain, all you have to do is either hit the “Like” button on the Solarcide Facebook page, or sign up directly to this site as an email subscriber, before the 31st of January.

At the end of the months we will draw a winner to receive the awesome prize.

Bradley’s writing is hilarious. You don’t want to miss this chance to get a signed copy of his latest adventure, which is published by Legume Man Books.

vaultAnd finally, we have added two more stories to The Vault today.

If you’re looking for something fun to read tonight, how about a bizarroadtrip with David Bobis and Curtain Cape, or a punchline from a forgotten joke with Bordello by Jay Slayton-Joslin.

See you again soon, folks.

As always, Rock On!


Five for The Vault

vaultOver the coming weeks will be bringing back some of the guest stories we ran over the past eighteen months. These stories will return to publication in our Vault.

The first batch of guest stories are now live.

Welcome to new and nostalgic eyes alike:

LAWN GIRL (Excerpt) by Ben Tanzer

An excerpt chapter from Ben’s novella, My Father’s House.

bh beer

TIGER, TIGER (Short story) by Bryan Howie

Who owns the story, he that tells it, or he that listens?

POETRY (Poems) by Laramore Black

A mini collection of weird and wonderful word-play.

THE TOOTH FAIRY (Short story) by Dakota Taylor

Sometimes things are more than they seem.

LOOSE STRINGS (Short story) by Mike Frounfelter

Memories are in turmoil in this quality piece of creative non fiction.